Exhibition documents, 2020

Draken II: Amaryllis in Vase

Benedikte Bjerre, Viktor Fordell, Lisa Tan

June 6-21, 2020







Press release:

Draken II is an exhibition series taking place in Pelican Self Storage at Fridhemsplan in Stockholm. The framework is a reiteration of an automated exhibition concept from 2017, where coyote and groupware curated exhibitions in storage rooms located in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Correlated to the exhibition is 'Red Herring', a serial in the buy & sell section in the local newspaper Mitt i Södermalm, written by artist and writer Louis Scherfig.


09.06.20 - 14.06.20

Memory Loss

Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw


16.06.20 - 21.06.20

Amaryllis in Vase

Benedikte Bjerre

Viktor Fordell

Lisa Tan




Hanni Kamaly



Lisa Tan: My Pictures of You

Artists' Film International 2020



Whitechapel Gallery

77-82 Whitechapel High St


E1 7QX




Artist Q&A


Bonniers Konsthall selected Lisa Tan's My Pictures of You for the 2020 installment of Whitechapel Gallery's Artists' Film International.


Artists’ Film International is a network of art institutions from around the world, first established in 2008 by the Whitechapel Gallery, London. From a selected theme, each participating institution chooses a film from an emerging artist. The theme for 2020 is Language.



In My Pictures of You (2017-19), Lisa Tan invites us to imagine that NASA photographs of the surface of Mars could be Earth, millions of years into the future, and devoid of life. The artist senses how the planet’s dry lake beds, undulating sand dunes, and horizon could be our own. Prompting speculation on climate change and extinction, we discover their striking familiarity as the film takes us on a road trip to the desert terrain of the American Southwest.


In intermittent sequences, Tan directly explores the relationship between image and language. She proposes an alternative reading of Camera Lucida, the influential 1980 text on photography by the literary theorist and philosopher Roland Barthes which pivots around a photograph of the author’s beloved late mother. In a thought-experiment, Tan changes Barthes meaning by switching words or imagining another word (or another picture) as she asks her reader, a lead researcher from the Mars expedition,  to replace the words mother and she with earth – Mother Earth.


Lisa Tan: My Pictures of You

May 7, 2020 – September 9, 2020

curated by Katie Geha


Atlanta Contemporary

535 Means Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30318





In her video My Pictures of You (2017–19), Lisa Tan thinks of the images of Mars as a death mask of Earth, captured millions of years in the future, yet witnessed in the present. Compelled by photographs from NASA’s expeditions depicting Mars’ topography, Tan senses how the planet’s dry lake beds, undulating sand dunes, and horizon could be our own. Their striking familiarity transports her to the desert terrain of the American Southwest where she was raised. She bounces her poetic speculation off of a scientist responsible for key instruments gauging water and atmosphere on Mars.


A road trip through the desert frames questions around climate and extinction. Yet the deeper concern is with unraveling photographic meaning in relation to the Mars images, through the artist’s alternative analysis of Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida. Barthes’ seminal text on photography pivots around an image of the author’s deceased, beloved mother as a child in what is known as the Winter Garden photograph. My Pictures of You offers a thought-experiment: replace Barthes’ mother for “mother” Earth. Despite the video’s bleak terrain, it manages to transform its own pessimism into a joyful affirmation of earthbound existence.