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Photograph in artist's frame

Edition of 3




A series of photographs of different ephemera.


Exhibition history

- A man is walking down the street…curated by Ana Luiza Teixeira de Freitas and Thom O’Nions, Cristina Guerra

  Contemporary Art, Lisbon, 2012

- There is (N)ow Romanticism, organized by Lilou Vidal, FDC Brussels, 2009

- Sturm und Drang, Galerie Kamm, Berlin, 2008

- The World is all that is the case, curated by Arthur Ou, Hudson Franklin, New York, 2008





Other works


Roman Lovers


Light fixture, live plant, Iron fence, concrete, soil

Variable dimensions





A banal urban arrangement of a plant and a mid-twentieth century globe light.  The sculpture is based on a photograph that was taken in Rome in the embassy district of the city.


Associated texts

- Review, One Night Stand, Art Papers (5.1 MB)


Exhibition history

- One Night Stand, curated by Lauri Firstenberg, LAXART, Los Angeles, 2006